Phenylpropionic acid series
 Carboxylic acid series
 Heterocyclic ring series
 Indoles series
 Aromatic ketone series
 Aromatic aldehyde series
 Halide series
 Pyran and piperidine series
 Chiral compounds
 Acetophenone derivative series
 Ultraviolet light absorber series
 Electronic material monomer series

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Changzhou Changjin Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional pharmaceutical technology enterprise engaged in scientific research, production and marketing. It mainly specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing biological medicines, pharmaceutical intermediates, new material intermediates, electronic chemical intermediates, and various fine chemicals. The company owns experienced R&D and marketing team, well-equipped organic synthesis laboratory, supporting analysis and detection instrument, and it has established long-term cooperation relationships with several academic institutions in China.
Changjin strivies to offer the customers efficient and professional services through continuous technological innovation. We would like to cooperate with you for creating bright future.

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